Soil Treatment Device


Figures #1 and #2

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About the invention:


            Increase flood control and make it pay for itself.



            Funnel most of the flood water into the ocean and produce electricity from the downhill push of the water.


See fig. #1, the dykes are hollow, the stem or anchor is dug down to 50 ft, depending on soil type to control seepage and the dirt is used to cover up the dyke. The low speed electric turbine is on a shaft which can be varied depending on water level in dyke. The dyke will be made out of a flexible material, like PVC.


Bottom line:

            You end up with 3 rivers and producing as much power as you need. Turbines can be added depending on demand. See fig. #2


The machine to build the dykes has not been built yet. It is still on drawing board. See figs. #1, page 124/1A, page 125/1B, page 126/ chapter XI of book.  to add text, images, and other content

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