Soil Treatment Device


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Billy D. Marshall is a writer and inventor, born and raised on the farm until he joined the Unites States Air Force, of which he retired as a radar technician with a First Class FCC License with a radar endorsement. He finished 3 years of college in Business Administration at Henderson State University in Arkadelphia in Arkansas after he retired from the military.

Mr. Marshall spent one year working on sawmill equipment for HemCo as a troubleshooter and then worked for Avondale Shipyards for two years in the electrical department as hook up in New Orleans. He drove a truck for Fast Foods Express in Dallas and finished his career with Greyhound Bus Lines as a driver for 15 years. He then retired on Social Security and decided to return to the farm to become a tree farmer.

Eventually, Mr. Marshall got tired of being retired and decided to get a job at Wal-Mart as a people greeter on the night shift. In the process, he met the last love of his life, Ninfa.


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